Myra Muili

I am a freelance writer and B2B content manager based in Kenya. I have particular expertise in technical and business writing, SEO, real estate and anything technology. When I am not writing for my clients, I'm writing stories and poetry for pleasure and for my small audience. 

I frequently write about other topics as well so feel free to hit me up. Chances are, if I am unable to help you, I know someone who can. 

Writers: Should You Charge By the Hour, the Job, or….Something Else? by Myra Muili

One of the most difficult parts of running a freelance business is figuring out how much to charge. As a freelance writer, your target is not just to make ends meet, but to get paid what you are worth. Or, at least, that is what it ought to be. Over the last year, I have worked with freelance writers, helping them develop a marketing strategy that works for them. I have noticed how baffled writers are when it comes to valuing their work. While pricing is crucial to the writer’s trade, it is unfo

The contribution of art and design to contemporary aesthetics in Dubai – Sushi Blues NY

Aesthetics is a term used to refer to the feelings that something evokes through one’s senses. When referring to Dubai aesthetics, it could mean what one feels when they hear the name or see an image of a building located in Dubai. These responses are different from cognitive ones in that they are not conscious, they are biased and they do not look at many aspects of the thing in question to be attained but one thing. In the case of Dubai, an image that pops up on a website producing say a tour

How to write fast and effectively

Anyone can write but not everyone who can write that can write well. Writing is a skill and like many others, it takes months and sometimes years of thankless sweat and effort to come up with anything worth reading. But say you are not looking to publish a book or run a blog; say you only want to be able to report what happened in a meeting or you want to send a simple email and you don’t know where to start. Here is a 5-step process you can use for any kind of writing that will definitely set y

Myths about male infertility

Last week we talked about the myths surrounding Infertility and women. Men, as you may guess, are not exempt from these prejudices and thus the need for today’s post. Myth 1: I am less of a man because I cannot get her pregnant. This is the twin male counterpart of the first myth as listed in Infertility: Myths about women.  Have you heard of the expression ‘shooting blanks’? It is not funny when it is applied to you, and more especially by men who seem to bear an ability to conceive by just...

Are Gendered Toys Impacting Childhood Development?

For the adult, play may be bleak, but for the child, play is life. Most of this is done with toys. Toys are also tools that children use to learn about important concepts including gender. The essence of good parenting is to teach your child values of life and respect. So what if as a parent the toys you were buying your child were doing more harm than good? A UK campaign ‘Let Toys be Toys’ is evidence that people are tired of toys being labeled for one gender only...

How to Tembea Kenya on a low budget: Affordable Safari Guide

Going on a safari is not a joke, especially if you are young and broke! There are too many things to be paid, fares, entry fees, foods; basically, so much financial and emotional economy needed. Yet, Kenya is one of those places you can travel for as little as five hundred shillings. Of course, this is determined by where you are, and of course, if you are willing to put in some skin, you are definitely more likely to enjoy the visit, but...

Unemployed? Here are some things that you should know

You have been looking for a job for a while now since you left campus. You are tired of sending resumes and just about to give up. Other than dropping resumes you are beginning to wonder what to do with the time you now have in plenty. You don’t want to spend all of your time watching movies and series as if that is the only thing you can do and you definitely don’t want to spend your time feeling sorry for yourself. If you’re  worried that employers will turn you down for taking on unimpressiv

Infertility: A reserve for the closet?

One in every eight couples knows what it is to struggle with infertility. They know what it is like to wait every month for a positive test that never quite shows up and this can be very agonizing and especially more if they have to keep this struggle hidden away. Everyone talks about pregnancies, childbirth and babies, and with good reason. But we rarely talk about how these babies are made. Unless you count those awkward conversations in your teenage with your parents...